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Self balancing electric scooter -- the next change of the Internet

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Self balancing electric scooter -- the next change of the Internet

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At present, the manufacturing industry is facing a whole set of new technological changes. The Internet and data are at the core of intelligence. A grin makes its past refrigerator more intelligent, lightweight and humanized. In the next few years, most electronic devices in life, such as home appliances, industrial equipment, street lamps and automobiles, will be connected to the Internet and realize intelligent management. Therefore, the Internet of things is recognized as the next trillion dollar market, which is the next revolution of technological change.
Self balancing scooter sought after by the capital market
Self balancing electric vehicles are also called intelligent balancing vehicles, somatosensory vehicles and Segway. The electric balance scooter on the market is mainly divided into two types, one is a two wheel electric balance scooter, and the other is a single wheel electric balance scooter. The balance scooter adopts standing driving mode and relies on forward and backward motion control to balance the vehicle. It is created with intelligent control technology. Because of green, small and controlled management, it is considered as a personal means of transportation and is known as a scientific and technological product of "epoch-making invention".
Segway two wheel balance car was born in the United States. President Bush, the American police, the tourism industry and many government agencies all favor listing. However, due to the limited performance of its own equipment and the high price of more than 10000 US dollars, this two wheeled balanced vehicle has been limited to the demonstration application of government departments by the Municipal Council, and has hardly improved in the personal consumer electronics market.
However, compared with Segway's bulky and ugly design balance scooter, Chinese balance car manufacturers have launched lighter, fashionable and low-cost two wheel balance car products. In recent years, such as tomolo balance scooter market, it will soon be promoted and applied in tourism and exhibitions, airports, public departments and other public places. In particular, the lighter, cheaper and cool unicycle balance car market, once launched, is pursued by a large number of 80 and 90 young people, and the whole balance motorcycle market will detonate rapidly within two years.
Xiaomi is stepping up its investment in the field of intelligent balanced vehicles. Xiaomi hardware such as Internet companies accelerated the layout of personal vehicles, aiming to further improve its smart home hardware ecosystem such as mobile phones and smart TVs. At the same time, it also promoted the development of this industry because of Xiaomi's investment in balanced cars.
Self balancing scooter, the hot spot of Ce (Consumer Electronics)
The self balancing scooter benefits from the development of technology, as well as the government's purchase restrictions, even number restrictions and government restrictions on motorcycles. This is our social consensus to develop electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles, especially the environmental pollution and traffic congestion we are facing are becoming more and more serious. That's why Tesla has become popular in the market. The price of nearly one million makes Tesla just a toy Beverly Hills man, from 2000 to 3000 yuan. Is the price of electric bicycle? Migrant workers' style. The sales price is about 2000, which makes unicycles accessible and a new generation of high reputation, and become their means of purchase.
Although the transportation will be full of intelligent hardware, such as intelligent balance vehicle, electric skateboard and intelligent bicycle, it will solve the transportation of nearly 5km from a practical point of view. Because of its advantages, such as lightness, speed, portability and self balance vehicle, it has the potential to become a personal transportation tool after it has cars and bicycles. Due to the rapid development of smart phones and wearable technology, the upgrading speed of self balancing scooter is accelerated and the capitalization cost is reduced, which makes a major breakthrough in the technology and achievable price of self balancing scooter, according to Moore's conclusion.

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