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Teach you to buy electric scooters: how to choose good quality

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Teach you to buy electric scooters: how to choose good quality

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       The reason why electric scooters are loved by many people is that for people who work, although the distance is not far, it is not close. It is troublesome to walk, it is too crowded to take the bus, and buying an electric car is too large and difficult to manage. Therefore, this kind of electric scooter can just meet the use. It is not only small, light, but also folded, No matter where you go, you can take it everywhere. It's particularly convenient. Even if you go for a walk in the park at night, you can ride an electric scooter. It's really very convenient. It's not limited by the barricade steps. You can go wherever you want.
Electric scooter
​          When purchasing an electric scooter, we should first understand how the battery is, because the endurance is very important. If the endurance is poor, it is very troublesome to charge it often before it takes long. What we know from the battery capacity is that the larger the capacity, the higher the endurance mileage, The vast majority of electric scooter batteries in the market are basically lithium batteries, that is, they are light in volume and long in service life. Although the price is expensive, the quality is also very good. The average range is about 30 kilometers.
​          On the other hand, it depends on the motor. The greater the power of the motor, the stronger the power and the stronger the climbing ability. However, the electric scooter has a relatively small physique, so it's ok as long as it meets daily use. There's no need to pursue too strong power. Brushless motors are usually used, that is, they have a long service life and low noise when running, and the effect is very good. However, the power selection of motors must depend on their own matching, because high power naturally consumes a lot of electricity, so more than 2000 Watts of power is more suitable.
​          The last aspect depends on the tires of the electric scooter. Usually, the solid tires are very durable, and there is no need to worry about inflation. As long as there are shock absorbers, they can basically reduce bumps. But the size of the tire will also have a great impact. When we choose, it's almost enough. After all, if the tire is too small, the use effect on bumpy roads is still very bad.

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